Welcome to Sports Nut’s Swim School Awards Scheme!

What do little ones love almost as much as splashing about in water? Animal badges!

Sports Nut's Unique Swim School Award Scheme

To complement our coach-led children’s swimming lessons, we run an exclusive badge-based Swim School Awards Scheme.

Our awards programme is made up of eight levels, each represented by a super-cute sea creature – from level one’s ‘Sami the Seahorse’ through to level eight’s ‘Barry the Whale’. (Who can eat up to 400 million Krill a day, nom nom!)

Sports Nut Challenges Galore!

Unlike other swim award schemes, we’ve simplified and streamlined our accreditation so that it’s easy to understand.

Each level has a clear set of goals children must achieve before moving up a level, so you can easily track your child’s progress and the swim moves they’ve mastered. Advanced levels also incorporate key water survival and rescue skills, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

Come and Join the Fun

When your little swimmer passes a level, we ensure they’re rewarded with lots of praise and a cool sea creature badge. To boost motivation further, we also offer badges for swimming distances, ranging from eight meters to one mile. (Now there’s a challenge!)

Sports Nut Swim School Award Scheme

Level 1 – Sami the Seahorse

This level is for complete beginners who are still getting used to the feeling of being submerged in the water. Putting their face in the water and floating doesn’t come easy to them and they struggle to swim more than 3 or 4 meters on their front and back.

Level 2 – Ronnie the Rainbowfish

This level is for swimmers who have swam for a while and can now kick all the way across a width on their back and swim front paddle nearly all the way across. They can sit on the bottom of the pool and blow bubbles in a relaxed manner and they don’t mind jumping in the water at the deep end and swimming back to the wall.

Level 3 – Terri the Turtle

This level is for swimmers who can comfortably swim out of their depth on their front and back. They can also tread water out of their depth for at least 10 seconds. Swimmers will be able to make a good attempt at recovering arms over the water for front crawl and back crawl and understand the body movements needed for frogs legs and dolphin leg kick.

Level 4 – Winston the Walrus

This level is for swimmers who are very comfortable and have a good amount of stamina for a whole lesson in the deep end. Swimmers will now be able to swim front crawl properly attempting to breath to the side and back crawl properly demonstrating a flat, streamlined body position in the water. Swimmers will be able to swim 15m without stopping and treading water for at least 30 seconds.

Level 5 – Danni the Dolphin

This level is for swimmers who can now swim 20m without stopping on their front and back. Front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke should all be performed with a good technique with little splash on hand entry and a consistent flat, streamlined body position. Sideways breathing should now happen naturally and swimmers should feel confident swimming 5m underwater.

Level 6 – Orla the Orca

This level is for swimmers who can swim 2-4 lengths without stopping. Swimmers can perform all 4 strokes with a good level of technique and are now concentrating on their starts and finishes. Along with collecting sinkies at the bottom of the deep end, they are able to perform handstands and multi forward rolls (without breathing) in the shallow end.

Level 7 – Mani the Mantaray

This level is for squad swimmers who can easily handle a 10-15 length multi stroke warm up. This level is all about technique refinement and polishing off those starts and finishes, as well as being introduced to turns.

Level 8 – Barry the Blue Whale

This is our top level with swimmers completing a 15 – 20 length warm up with ease involving turns at each end. This session very much concentrates on stamina for the swimmer and will involve arm, leg, combo and time sets.

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Alongside one-to-one swimming coaching, we offer small group sessions for children of a similar swimming ability.

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