Welcome to Sports Nut’s Advanced Swimmer Pathway. Want to switch your swimming up a gear, get fitter and enjoy a little friendly competition?

Sports Nut Advanced Swimmer Pathway – How do we roll?

Sport’s Nut’s Advanced Swimmer Pathway covers our Junior Squad (level’s 7 & 8), Purely Front Crawl sessions and our Elite Squad (invitation only). Each session is run by super-friendly, highly trained swimming coaches and is the ideal place for developing your competitive swimming strokes and skills.

The aim of the sessions in our Advanced Swimmer Pathway is not only to enhance your core swimming skills but develop athletic strength and power. As such, a large element of our sessions focuses on building fitness and flexibility.

Purely Front Crawl Fitness Programme - 45-minute session

If you have passed your Sports Nut level 5 award with flying colours and want an extra swimming challenge, then our Purely Front Crawl programme could be for you! This course can be taken in place of or in addition to the Sports Nut level 6, 7 and 8 award programmes.

Purely Front Crawl is ideal for those swimmers looking to improve stamina for triathlon and water polo, gymnasts looking to develop strength and flexibility or simply for those who love the pool and want a low impact fitness session to blast away the stresses of the day. Expect a full body work out in each session without the need to continue perfecting any other swimming strokes.

​Davenies - Wednesday 19.35-20.20

Godstowe - Tuesday 19.05-19.50, Friday 19.05-19.50

Level 7 Junior Squad – 60-minute session

In September 2022, we extended our Level 7 sessions to 60 minutes long; to help swimmers become well equipped to tackle a 10-minute multi stroke warm up along with a 10-minute pulse raiser set to get the blood pumping. Level 7 swimmers will have both technical and stamina sets in their sessions to increase efficiency and strength in the water, and time at the end to polish off those starts and finishes, as well as being introduced to turns.

Davenies - Monday 19.05-20.05, Tuesday 19.05-20.05, Wednesday 18.35-19.35, Thursday 18.35-19.35, Friday 18.35-19.35, Sunday 12.40-13.40

​Godstowe - Tuesday 18.05-19.05, Friday 19.05-20.05, Saturday 08.40-09.40 & 11.50-12.50

Level 8 Junior Squad – 60-minute session

The top level in our regular award scheme, Level 8 swimmers will be able to complete a 20 length multi stroke warm up with pulse raisers. With all 4 strokes refined, swimmers will be introduced to The Individual Medley and turns for each stroke transition. These sessions very much concentrate on stamina for swimmers and will involve arm, leg, combo, and time sets.  On completion of this level, swimmers will be invited to join our Elite Squad sessions.

Davenies - Monday 19.05-20.05, Tuesday 19.05-20.05, Wednesday 19.05-20.05, Thursday 19.35-20.35, Sunday 12.40-13.40

Godstowe - Tuesday 18.35-19.35, Friday 19.05-20.05

Elite Squad (By invitation only) - 60-minute session

For those advanced swimmers who have completed the Sports Nut Swim School award scheme, but still enjoy a challenge! Traditional Swim Stroke Sets are mixed up with Open Water sessions, fitness training and the odd game of swimming Trivial Pursuit, Giant Jenga and Connect 4! Swimmers will record times each week to keep on record and PB challenges are always keenly contested.  Swimmers must be invited by Sports Nut to join the Elite Squad sessions.

Godstowe - Tuesday 19.05-20.05

Davenies - Thursday 19.35-20.35 (currently fully booked)

Hone your competitive swimming skills, strength and stamina through Sports Nut’s Advanced Swimmer Pathway.

To put your name down or find out more, drop us an email or call us on 03301248238.