Like to know more about Sports Nut’s School Holiday Intensive Swimming Courses? Pop on your goggles and shimmy this way…

Whether you’re a ‘terrified-of-water-never-swam-before’ Beginner or an ‘I’ve-got-this-swimming-thing-nailed-but-would-like-to-brush-up’ Phelps’ fan, our school holiday intensive swimming lessons are for you.

Sports Nut intensive swimming courses take place at Davenies school, Beaconsfield and run every weekday during half-terms, as well as selected dates during Easter and Summer holidays.

Beginners and Improvers Intensive Swimming Courses Beaconsfield

Our intensive swimming courses are ideal if you want to learn from scratch or improve your technique to make swimming more enjoyable. Our swimming coaching is available in small, friendly groups, or for complete focus, we can provide one-to-one private tuition.

Our expert coaches aren’t there to blow whistles and ‘swim-shame’, we work with you to help you achieve your personal swimming goals.

Your comfort is priority, as such, each session is tailored to your ability, making use of both the shallow and deep-end as appropriate.

Our swim lessons are designed for children of all abilities, from nervous new starters and those who fancy trying out something new, to children serious about taking their sport to the next level, competing at county level and beyond.

Whatever your sports nut’s aim, we have a friendly, qualified sports coach to offer guidance and help them achieve their sporting goals.

Intermediate and Advance Intensive Swimming Lessons Beaconsfield

Want to raise your swimming game to enter competitions, or perhaps you’d like to swim like a porpoise in the pool this summer?

Our school holiday intensive swimming courses for intermediate and advanced swimmers are a fantastic way to hone your skills, build endurance and generally smash this swimming thing!

Our school holiday intensive swimming lessons are held every weekday throughout half-terms, and selected weeks during the Easter and Summer holidays. Our highly qualified Sports Nut swimming coaches, who’ve notched-up hundreds, if not thousands of hours in the water, are on-hand to help and answer your questions throughout.

New Customers

If you are new to our swim school, you will need to know what level your child is before booking. Please click on the 'Sports Nut Swim School Levels' below and this should help you out.

*Please be aware, as this is an Intensive Swimming course when it comes to booking onto the Intensive Swimming Course you will need to click on 'Fixed Programme' and then click on your child's swimming level. If you are still unsure about the level of your child, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you out.

Where do Sports Nuts Intensive Swimming Courses take place?

All our Intensive Swimming courses take place at Davenies School, Beaconsfield.


During half term, our courses run from 2.00pm - 5.00pm.

During Easter and Summer holidays, our courses run slightly later from 4.00pm - 6.30pm.

Next Course Coming Up

Our next Intensive Swimming course is taking place during October Half Term, Monday 22nd - Friday 26th October, 2.00pm - 5.00pm.



The Way It Works

Now we have a brand new system in place, it will give you the time options for the swimming level you have chosen. Please click the time of the session you would like and follow the simple instructions to login to your home portal account.

Sports Nut Swim School Levels

Level 1 – Sami the Seahorse

This level is for complete beginners who are still getting used to the feeling of being submerged in the water. Putting their face in the water and floating doesn’t come easy to them and they struggle to swim more than 3 or 4 meters on their front and back.

Level 2 – Ronnie the Rainbowfish

This level is for swimmers who have swam for a while and can now kick all the way across a width on their back and swim front paddle nearly all the way across. They can sit on the bottom of the pool and blow bubbles in a relaxed manner and they don’t mind jumping in the water at the deep end and swimming back to the wall.

Level 3 – Terri the Turtle

This level is for swimmers who can comfortably swim out of their depth on their front and back. They can also tread water out of their depth for at least 10 seconds. Swimmers will be able to make a good attempt at recovering arms over the water for front crawl and back crawl and understand the body movements needed for frogs legs and dolphin leg kick.

Level 4 – Winston the Walrus

This level is for swimmers who are very comfortable and have a good amount of stamina for a whole lesson in the deep end. Swimmers will now be able to swim front crawl properly attempting to breath to the side and back crawl properly demonstrating a flat, streamlined body position in the water. Swimmers will be able to swim 15m without stopping and treading water for at least 30 seconds.

Level 5 – Danni the Dolphin

This level is for swimmers who can now swim 20m without stopping on their front and back. Front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke should all be performed with a good technique with little splash on hand entry and a consistent flat, streamlined body position. Sideways breathing should now happen naturally and swimmers should feel confident swimming 5m underwater.

Level 6 – Orla the Orca

This level is for swimmers who can swim 2-4 lengths without stopping. Swimmers can perform all 4 strokes with a good level of technique and are now concentrating on their starts and finishes. Along with collecting sinkies at the bottom of the deep end, they are able to perform handstands and multi forward rolls (without breathing) in the shallow end.

Level 7 – Mani the Mantaray

This level is for squad swimmers who can easily handle a 10-15 length multi stroke warm up. This level is all about technique refinement and polishing off those starts and finishes, as well as being introduced to turns.

Level 8 – Barry the Blue Whale

This is our top level with swimmers completing a 15 – 20 length warm up with ease involving turns at each end. This session very much concentrates on stamina for the swimmer and will involve arm, leg, combo and time sets.

Fun, Flexible Intensive Swimming Lessons in Beaconsfield

To join our Beginner, Improver, Intermediate or Advanced half-term swimming courses, simply send us a message here.