Unsurprisingly Sports Nut is made up of completely, utterly sports nuts coaches who eat, drink, sleep and dream sport. They also wear shorts pretty much every day of their lives. That’s dedication.

The Sports Nut Leadership Team

Dave Profile Pic

David – Founder and the 'Finance Guy'

David founded Sports Nut with Mark Tennant in 2005. As well as managing the company’s day-to-day activities and finances, David undertakes a diverse range of training duties. When he isn’t at his computer, David is a Peleton nut and can often be found on his bike sweating his way through a Sam Lo ride!

Although coaching has taken a back seat these days, David has a string of qualifications to verify his sports nuttiness including being a PE Teacher, ECB Level 3 High Performance Cricket Coach, FA Level 2 Football Coach, RFU Level 1 Rugby Coach, STA Swimming Teacher, British Triathlon Level 1 Coach, NRASTC (National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches), Emergency First Aid and Safeguarding Children. Thankfully, he can’t do a Rubik’s cube for toffee.

David has also been Club Cricket Captain and playing at Lord’s is his favourite cricketing career highlight. At the weekend, David enjoys going on bike rides with his wife, children and dogs.

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut:  “I love that Sports Nut brings so much joy and value to children’s lives by teaching them hugely important life skills and helping them on a path to a healthy lifestyle.”


Mark – Founder and Head Sports Coach 

Mark established Sports Nut and all its sporty goodness with David in 2005. Mark is a highly skilled sports coach and, as well as a Sport and Exercise Science degree, has an array of high level coaching qualifications in Football, Triathlon, Hockey, Athletics, Swimming and TAG Rugby. Mark is also an ECB 2.5 Level Cricket Coach and plays for Wooburn Narkovians Cricket Club and Gerrards Cross Hockey Club. Alongside coaching, Mark runs Sports Nut’s multi-sports parties and swimming parties. He’s also responsible for producing the legendary Cricket Tea at Sports Nut Cricket Camps. Mmm pork pies.

Outside of Sports Nut, Mark’s sports nuts tendencies continue with playing cricket and watching live sport. He even confesses to squeezing in a cheeky round of golf now and then - seriously this guy never sleeps.

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: “Nothing beats the buzz from seeing someone I’m coaching master a new skill, whether it’s putting their face in the water while learning to swim or dismounting the bike before T1 in a Triathlon race. Magic!”

Charlotte Small

Charlotte - Director and Chief Administrator

As well as company director, Charlotte handles a wide range of Sports Nut’s 'behind the scenes' duties, from configuring our software to talking to our Swimmers of the Week. Charlotte has a BSc Medical Biochemistry and her secret sporting talent is basketball – she was selected to play for her school, university and town’s teams, although she's not sure she could play now! Charlotte also did a Triathlon as a teenager... and hated every second of it... which is why she is so passionate about finding children and adults something active to do, that you enjoy!

In her spare time, Charlotte enjoys spending time with her family (See David Small’s profile!) and, as an accomplished pianist, guitarist and singer, playing at open-mic nights.

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: “I love seeing the enjoyment and pride that our Sports Nutters get from their sporting activities! It's such a honour to play a part in that, and watch them grow up taking that passion and joy into adulthood.”


Eira – Customer Service Officer & Admin Guru  

Eira joined the Sports Nut family in 2021 as part of the office team. If you've needed to talk to one of the team on the phone, you have no doubt already had the pleasure of speaking to her! When she's not manning the phones and organising us all, she might be found out for a walk with her dog Buster or practicing her Hula-Hooping skills. In fact, Eira and her family are World Record Hula-Hoopers... we kid you not!

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: “ I love the family approach. Everyone is very friendly and caring.”

The Sports Nut Swimming Team


Pippa – Swimming Coach

Pippa teaches swimming and has been with Sports Nut for over seven years. Pippa is an accomplished Level 2 Swimming teacher and holds a National Rescue Award for Swim Teachers. Aged 13, Pippa claimed the title of Borough Freestyle 100m Champion. When not pounding the pool-side, Pippa loves pounding the streets, and has competed in the Hyde Park 5k run. Pippa’s little-known skill is juggling – go on, put her to the test!

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: “It’s fun, plus it also means I can be a sports nut during the day, as well as in my spare time!”


Billie – Swimming Coach

Swimming Coach, Billie, is an ASA Level 2 Swimming Teacher and qualified lifeguard. Billie has been a member of the Sports Nut team since 2015. A certified sports nut, Billie has previously represented Hillingdon borough in running and swimming. Plus, if you need tips on how to keep your lashes looking lush in the water, Billie is also a skilled beauty therapist.

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: “It’s great getting to know new children and helping them become successful swimmers.”


Paige – Swimming Coach 

Paige is one of Sports Nut’s highly qualified swimming coaches (ASA Level 1 and 2). Paige is about as close to a real-life mermaid as you can get and has been competitive swimming since the tender age of five, starting at Hillingdon swimming club before moving to Amersham swimming club. She’s also earnt many swimming accolades at county, regional and national swimming championships and completed her first open water swim in Cornwall aged 14.

Paige also enjoys skiing – when she can – and socialising. Her special skill is ‘talking for England!’, which we can verify.

Katie Hall

Katie – Swimming Coach

Katie joined Sports Nut in 2016 and is a level 2 qualified swimming coach as well as a cricket, handball, tennis and volleyball coach. Katie is also a PE Teacher and has extra training in EYFS, English as a Foreign Language and Makaton! Long time sports nut Katie, has played for her county in both Badminton and Netball, and still loves playing netball and hitting the gym. Did you know she can deadlift 110kg?!

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: "I really enjoy swimming coaching as I love being able to help and watch a child progress from gaining confidence in the water all the way up to developing their strokes and skills and most of all having fun and seeing lots of smiles on faces."

Photo 9-11-19, 6 19 38 PM (1)

Jose – Swimming Coach

Jose started his career as a PE Teacher and qualified swimming coach in Malaga, Spain, and joined Sports Nut at the start of 2019. Quite the sports nut, Jose has played club basketball and more recently completed a marathon in the heat of Jamaica... as if a marathon in balmy England wasn't hard enough?! Jose is also a huge music fan and plays a number of instruments. Why not ask him which ones next time you see him?

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: "It's great to be able to help to improve swimmers abilities and witness first hand the progression they make. In particular at Sports Nut, the award system and iPads on poolside makes it very easy to keep a record of every challenge, at every level, so from one session to the next you know exactly where your swimmers stand"

Lindsey Collison

Lindsey – Swimming and Triathlon Coach

Lindsey joined Sports Nut in 2019 and is a Level 2 swimming coach and triathlon coach, but has lots of other qualifications including Aqua Fitness, Aquaphobia and Baby & Toddler Swimming. Lindsey is also a fan of the great outdoors and has not only swum the longest open water race in the UK, and completed the Loch Ness Marathon, but is also a qualified Forest School Leader. If you need a campfire meal cooked or a piece of wood whittled... she's your 'gal!

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: "I love coaching for Sports Nut. It's given me new opportunities and is such a unique way of staging the swimming levels, which really sees progression. It's so chilled and fun and the kids are just brilliant!"


Mike – Swimming Coach

Mike is a Level 2 teacher who joined the Sports Nut family in 2018. As well as working on his professional development with certificates in competitive swimming, coaching adults and rookie lifeguarding, Mike also finds time to be a keen photographer. As a chess expert and underwater hockey enthusiast, we do wonder whether underwater chess could be the next big thing?!

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: “I love to see the huge smile on a child or adult's face when they overcome a fear... like deep water, or going under water. We work so hard to help children and adults be safe and feel safe in the water, and it's really lovely to see an individual overcoming a fear and improving their skills."


Emma – Swimming Coach

Emma is qualified swimming teacher and Baby & Pre-school swimming teacher and has loved the water for as long as she can remember! Emma loves nothing more than getting outdoors with her dogs and when the balmy English weather is behaving, enjoys getting out on her paddle board. Emma also helps to look after Hearing Dogs in training in her spare time, so if you're after some doggy training tips as well as swimming tips, look no further!

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: “I love seeing the swimmers progress and gain in confidence. Coaching with Sports Nut is so fun and offers great job satisfaction!"

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June – Swimming Coach

June is a Level 2 swimming teacher and aqua fitness instructor, as well as holding personal training qualifications, and has been part of the Sports Nut team since 2019. You can often find June singing herself a happy little tune so feel free to join in!

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: "I love seeing the children progress and learn life saving skills. Working with Sports Nut is having fun whilst teaching... it's great seeing all the smiley faces!"


Reshaun – Swimming Coach

Reshaun joined the Sports Nut team in 2020 and has a plethora of qualifications under his belt... swimming, softball, basketball, handball, korfball, fitness instruction, rugby, football, baseball, futsal, dodgeball, netball, cricket, multi-skills... it's fair to say he's a Sports Nutter through and through! Reshaun's proudest swimming achievement was perfecting breaststroke after years of struggling to master the tricky technique... at the grand old age of 22 during adult lessons! A great person to talk to if you're struggling with the bend-star-SNAP!  Next time you see him, don't forget to ask him about his favourite thing, Arsenal!

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: "I love how fun but professional Sports Nut are. The staff are very knowledgeable and relaxed, and we have the freedom to plan our own sessions within the Sports Nut structured framework ensuring consistency across classes"


Sian – Swimming Coach

ASA Level 2 swimming instructor Sian, joined Sports Nut in 2020, and has always been a keen swimmer, swimming lengths at just 4 years old! She got her 1 mile badge (that's 80 lengths of the Davenies pool!) when she was 11... can you beat that?! Sian is also a massive travel fan and has travelled to lots of places across the world including Belize, India and Sri Lanka. When she's not at the pool or jetting off on her travels, Sian has a very cool job as a graphic designer for Film and TV. She has worked on productions such as Mission Impossible - Fallout, Disney's Maleficent 2 and Wonder Woman 2. Have you spotted her in the credits yet?

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: "I love seeing Sports Nutters develop from saying 'I can't do it' to ticking it off their challenges, it's always such a great achievement to see!"


Korrie – Swimming Coach

Korrie joined the Sports Nut family in 2020 and has a Level 2 Swimming qualification as well as being an NPLQ qualified lifeguard and Level 2 Sports Leader. Having swam at county and regional level, Korrie made the cut to compete as part of the relay team at Arena Nationals... quite the competitor we've got ourselves! If you fancy taking her on next time we do the Swimathon, you should probably know that Korrie can also do 2 whole lengths underwater without breathing, so we suspect she might be part-mermaid!

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: “Working at Sports Nut doesn't feel like a job to me. It's more like a couple of hours interacting with the kids, having fun and having a good time with my colleagues! I love coaching because it's like I'm giving back to the sport that gave so much to me growing up. It teaches you so many life skills, like discipline and self-motivation. Sounds corny, but it made me the person I am today!"

Photo 11-11-2019, 19 15 13

James – Swimming & Football Coach

As well as being a highly qualified swimming and football coach, James is a local PE Teacher, who loves putting a smile on everyone's face! Having played for the England School Boys squad and Wycombe Wanderers Youth team up to U16, it's fair to say that football has always filled James' free time, and he continues to play semi-pro now. James is renowned for being an expert at the floss (yes, even underwater, we challenged him!) so if you fancy a dance-off... he's your man!

Favourite Thing about Sports Nut: "My favourite part about Sports Nut is the approach. I love helping swimmers conquer their fears and achieve their targets and at Sports Nut the approach is fun and relaxed... it's just part of the culture!"


Hannah– Swimming Coach

Hannah is one of our old swimmers who loved the lessons and our triathlon cub so much she decided to train and qualify as a Level 2 swimming instructor and come back to teach for us. Aside from her love of swimming Hannah is a super star on the hockey pitch. She played hockey for Buckinghamshire and now for Wycombe 1st team along with being a qualified hockey coach and umpire.


Christina – Swimming Coach

After seeing what an amazing job Sports Nut did teaching her son, Christina jumped at the chance to become a swim coach for us in 2021. She loves running and has collected a whole host of medals from 10k to Marathon distances. A water baby from a young age she takes every opportunity to swim, even in the chilly North Sea off the Scottish coast! In her old life Christina was a global marketing director, her favourite job was working for Universal Pictures. She loves to tell everyone about the time George Clooney touched her arm!


Amina – Swimming Coach

Amina is super qualified both as a Level 2 swim coach and also with her BA (hons) in sport and physical education. She has type 1 diabetes but doesn’t let it stop her from swimming, playing netball and travelling. Amina absolutely loves the headsets we use to talk to our swimmers on the go and feels it a real step change in how we can coach.


Greg – Swimming Coach

If you hear someone singing in the shower it could well be Greg, he once did an X-factor audition! We won’t mention how it went but lets just say it’s a good job he had an excellent teaching career to fall back on! He has been a school teacher for 20 years and also a swimming, rugby and cricket coach. Outside of teaching he loves a round of golf and running around after his kids and pets.


Eva – Swimming Coach

If you ever need to know your jete from your pirouette then Eva is your girl. Our very own prima Ballerina attended both junior and senior ballet school in London. Since she hung up her pointe shoes she has been coaching swimming and hitting the gym. Did you know she can now squat her own body weight?!!


Maisy – Swimming Coach

Maisy qualified as a swim coach in 2022 and loves seeing the progression we achieve with the children. She always has a game up her sleeve to make the children smile and have fun in the pool. Maisy loves music and travelling but most of all, animals. One day she hopes to have dogs, cats, rats AND snakes as pets! Blimey Maisy, you are going to need a farm!!


Carmen – Swimming Coach

Super sporty Carmen joined the Sports Nut team in 2022. In between swimming for South England, playing hockey for Buckinghamshire and rowing for Marlow she somehow finds time to study classical Greek and Latin! Quid super stellam! (that’s ‘what a super star’ in Latin… thank you google translate)


Norbert – Swimming Coach

Norbert started swimming in Serbia at the age of 8 and was the really nervous one, always afraid in lessons and never wanted to try anything new. Fast forward a few years and he had overcome all his fears, started swimming competitively and ended up achieving 3rd place in the Serbian 200m backstroke national championships! He has been teaching in the UK since 2016 and adores working for Sports Nut. He thinks we are a VERY organised bunch and loves that there is always 100% focus on every child’s development through our swim path.


Summer – Swimming Coach

Summer qualified as a level 2 swim coach in 2021 but has always had a passion for swimming. She also loves netball and plays competitively in a national league. Away from the pool she is studying policing and criminal investigations at university. Summer loves the fun and energy the children bring to the lessons and watching their faces when they overcome a new challenge.

Danny McEvoy

Danny – Swimming & Changing Room Assistant



Charlie – Swimming & Changing Room Assistant

Charlie enjoys every sport under the sun, played football for Wycombe Wanderers academy and a ‘big hitter’ on the RGS rugby scene. He learnt how to swim with Sports Nut and loved the lessons so much he would often refuse to get out of the pool at the end of a lesson. Away from sport Charlie is a fan of classical music, playing the trombone, viola and being a member of the National Youth Orchestra.

Molly Stevenson

Molly – Swimming & Changing Room Assistant



India – Swimming & Changing Room Assistant

India is a qualified swim coach and NPLQ lifeguard. Blink and you will miss her though, she won the 100m sprint for 3 years in a row at school. Not only does she fly around the track she flies through the air too, having jumped out of a plane sky diving on her 16th birthday!


Rory – Swimming & Changing Room Assistant

Rory joined us in 2021 and loves how friendly all our amazing swimmers and parents are. He loved rugby and plays for the (self-proclaimed) mighty RGS 1st XV rugby team. When he’s taking a break from the pitch he plays piano, guitar and enjoys acting.


Iman – Swimming & Changing Room Assistant

Iman joined us as an assistant in 2022. She loves being part of the team and how we are all so down to earth. She is a massive netball and football fan although we think she should maybe stick to spectating having broken her ankle 4 times while playing!!


Emily – Swimming & Changing Room Assistant

Emily joined Sports Nut when she was 8 years old (no… not as a coach, that would be crazy!) as a swimmer. After learning how to swim with us she couldn’t bear to leave so came back at 16 to work for us as a pool assistant. We love that you have stayed with us in the Sports Nut family Emily and looking forward to supporting you on your journey to become a swim coach one day.