Want to know more about Sports Nut’s Junior Triathlon Event, Go-Tri? Then hop on over - or swim, or cycle…

If you’re looking for a fun, outdoor children’s activity (and a little peace and quiet), check-out our popular Kid’s Triathlon Event in Beaconsfield.

What’s Go-Tri all about? 

Go-Tri is the perfect event for kids who’d like to try something new and exciting, as well as those who’d like to gain more experience in the wacky world of Triathlon. Throughout the day, sports nuts from eight-years-old up, can enjoy a real triathlon experience, including swimming, cycling and running, and even those hectic transitions in between.

Is it a Children's Triathlon Competition? 

The course reflects an adult's Triathlon but, and it's a big BUT, it's specifically designed for children's different age groups and abilities, making it achievable and fun to do.

The focus is on developing cool sports skills that will last a lifetime, not beating each other to the finish line. This is also a perfect opportunity for parents to capture that perfect sporty photo what will be displayed on Granny and Grandad's mantelpiece for years to come.

As we say in the world of Triathlon 'Finishing is Winning'.

Who runs the event?

Go-Tri is managed and run by our highly-trained, qualified Sports Nut Triathlon coaches.

We're trained to deal with every child-related eventuality, from teaching children about the importance of water safety to how to organise and change clothing at optimum speed (a favourite with parents!).

Fun for the whole family

This is a great opportunity to get the whole family involved with lots of different age groups being able to take part.

Set up base camp on the field (don't forget your picnic basket, rug and homemade sausage rolls). Cheer your child from the viewing gallery as they wait for the 5 second count down and push off from the pool wall. Watch the swim and then out onto the Tiger Turf for their tricky transition. Then watch them snake their way round the bike course before dismounting (don't forget to take your helmet off). Then support them as they weave round the running course before a super sprint finish to the finishing line to a crescendo of noise and a well deserved medal and hotdog.

Sounds like Fun......YOU BET!

Where does Sports Nut's Go-Tri Triathlons take place?

All our Go-Tri's currently takes place at Davenies School, Station Road in Beaconsfield.


Please click below to view Sports Nut GoTri Results from Sunday 24th September.

WELL DONE to everyone who took part. What a fantastic Effort!


PINK GoTri RESULTS (9-10 yrs)

YELLOW GoTri RESULTS (11-12 yrs)

If you’d like to know more about our Go-Tri event or our regular Junior Triathlon Club please call 0330 3779548 or send us a message here.