Welcome to Sports Nut’s Junior Triathlon Club, Beaconsfield.

Does your little sports nut want to try their hand at the UK’s fastest growing sport, Triathlon? Sports Nut’s Kid’s Tri-Club is a fun, full-on Triathlon experience, with running, swimming, cycling and more!

Our Tri-Club is open to children from eight-years-old upwards and is a brilliant way to have fun, get fit and try out Triathlon - even those tricky transitions in between. (It’s a good idea to label your children’s clothes because things get a little chaotic at changeover!)

Our Triathlon sessions are tailored to children’s ages and ability, making them achievable and fun to do. They also take place in the secure environment of Davenies School, Beaconsfield under the guidance of our skilled, safety-conscious Sports Nut Triathlon coaches.

We’re trained to deal with every eventuality, from teaching children about water safety to pumping up flat tyres. There’s nothing they can’t throw at us! Apart from the odd trainer during transition.

Sports Nut’s Junior Tri-Club – How does it work?

Junior Tri-Club is split into three sections:

Dry-land Circuit

A 20-minute session focused on the big muscle groups and that all-important core. (Exercises are age-specific.)


A 20-minute bike session looking at all things cycling-related, including safety, cornering, gears and dismounts.

Swimming Pool

A 20-minute pool session working on stamina, time-sets and technique with the help of ‘Mr Smooth’s’ swimming video analysis technology.

During summer term, we create a Triathlon course, incorporating swimming, cycling and running disciplines and – hold onto your hoodie! - the transitions from swim-to-bike and bike-to-run.

We also run a two-day children’s Triathlon event [link to Triathlon Event web page] in Beaconsfield.

Club places fill up fast, so if you’d like to put your child’s name down, or find out more, call us today on xxxxx or send us a message here.