There’s No Sports Party Like a Sports Nut Party!

Does your sports nut have a birthday coming up? Or maybe you have a family ‘bring all the kids’ shindig on the horizon?

It’s not unusual to feel mild panic at the thought of entertaining multiple sugar-hungry children, so why don’t you sit down, have a cuppa, and let Sports Nut take the strain!

We've been hosting awesome, action-packed Kid's Sports Parties since 2005, clocking up over 400 Birthday parties, Christmas parties, End-of-Term parties, Summer parties, and even Corporate Fun Days, along the way.

Did we say 'Stress' AND 'Hassle' free?!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Sports Nut parties cater for all children in Year 1 (5 and 6 year olds) and up, plus up to 40 of their buddies.
  • Parties are tailored to whatever your sports nut desires. You can opt for a splashy swimming pool party or a party choc-full of fun sports games - whether you like traditional classics, such as, cricket and football or more innovative favourites, such as, Extreme Dodgeball, Capture the Flag and Ozzie End Ball – we do them all!
  • All Sports Nut parties are hosted by our talented Sport Coaches. Not only are they qualified in an array of cool sports, our coaches are super-skilled at keeping young partygoers at the peak of excitement yet still under control.
  • For a completely hassle-free children’s party experience, we can also provide all your catering - including delicious barbecues - for a small fee per head. So, all you’ll need to do is bring the cake!
  • We’re happy to advise you on the best sports facility hire in the Beaconsfield and Bucks area – Sports Halls and Schools are ideal (the bigger the better!). We can also host Sports and Swimming Pool Parties at Davenies School, Beaconsfield, (only available to book through Sports Nut) which has fab sports facilities, including an indoor 20-metre heated pool, mega sports hall and awesome 3G Tiger Turf.

Where do Sports Nut parties usually take place?

Sports Nut parties usually take place at Davenies School, Beaconsfield. With an awesome set of facilities, you won't get better elsewhere.

When is the best time to have a party?

Due to Sports Nut Swim School running lessons on Saturday mornings throughout the school term and staff sporting commitments, the best day for a party at Davenies School is on Sundays. Please see the time slots available.

10.00am - 12.00pm (Autumn and Summer Term only)

11.00am - 1.00pm (Autumn and Summer Term only)

12.00pm - 2.00pm (All year round)

1.00pm - 3.00pm (All year round)

We also run parties throughout the holidays on selected Sundays. Please drop us a quick email to check for availability.

Ready to Book Your Sports Nut Sports Party?

Dates for our Sports Birthday Parties go faster than Usain Bolt doing the 100-metres, so if you’d like to book, do it, do it now! To check availability or find out more, please email us here.

Sports Parties FAQ's

1. How long will the party last?

All parties are booked in for 2 hours. This will involve 1hr 40mins of fun and games and then 20 mins for food/cutting the cake/singing happy birthday at the end.

2.  How much will the party cost?

The cost of the party all depends on how many children attend, as well as any additional extras like BBQ’s.

Please click on the Pricing Tab at the top for a full pricing list.

*Please not that these prices do not include the hiring of the facilities.

3. What should I do about food?

Food is best done at the end of the party. Only 15 -20 mins is needed as children tend to eat very quickly. This is also a great time to cut the cake and sing ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!’

Sports Nut now offers barbecues for their parties, at a cost of £7.50 per head (inc. VAT). This includes all drinks throughout the party, a hot dog, a burger and packet of crisps and something chocolatey, as well as plates, cups, napkins, onions and condiments. For any more details please contact us by email.

We have found that food should be very simple. Most parents opt for a hotdog, bag of crisps and a drink or a food party box consisting of a sandwich, cucumber/carrot sticks, chocolate biscuit, sausages, crisps etc if they provide it themselves.

4. Do children need drinks breaks during the party?

Definitely! We like to keep the children hydrated at all times. Children tend to get very hot and sweaty during our Sports parties, so we like to have regular drinks breaks (water or orange squash should be fine). Every half an hour is normally best, which usually fits in to a natural break between sports/games.

5. What should children wear?

Sports clothing is normally best. Shorts, t-shirt, tracksuit top and bottoms and trainers. Jeans are not a good idea as they can be very restrictive to children’s movement and can make the child very hot. Crocs are a definite NO NO!

6. Do Sports Nut provide all the sports equipment?

Yes. Sports Nut will provide all the sports equipment for the party so you guys can sit back, relax and enjoy watching the birthday boy/girl having fun with their friends.

7. What should I do about facility hire?

We can advise you on the type of facility hire that you need for a Sports Nut party. Generally, the best facilities are Sports Halls and Schools. If you are not successful then Village Halls can be an option, but the size of the hall can sometimes be an issue (Bigger is definitely better!)

*Please note that in order to hire Davenies School, you must go through Sports Nut and not directly to the School.

8. What happens if a child gets injured?

If a child does get injured it is usually due to an accidental knock or bump. There will always be a 1st Aider on site who is qualified to administer 1st Aid to children. A 1st Aid box is always brought to all Sports Nut Parties.

9. Do the children need name tags?

Name tags are normally a good idea. This makes it easier for the coaches to get to know the names of the children, especially if the children are new to the Sports Nut parties.

10. If the party is at Davenies School, Beaconsfield, where should I park?

If the party is at Davenies School, we are very restricted with where parents can park. All parents who are dropping off or picking up their children from the party must park in Sainsbury’s car park and come through the back entrance. We will meet and greet you in the foyer entrance to the Tennant building. Please be aware the Sainsbury’s gate must remain shut during the party for health and safety purposes.

11. What time are we allowed into Davenies School to setup?

The Sports Nut coaches will arrive 30 minutes before the start of the party to open up, talk you through the timing of the drinks breaks, cake cutting etc. and have a chat with the Birthday Boy/Girl about what games/sports they want to play.

12. What do we do about cleaning up, rubbish etc.?

It is your responsibility to make sure the facility is left in the same state as you found it, so please bring cleaning cloths/products with you for spillages and wiping down tables etc. At Davenies School the Sports Nut staff will help with hovering and general clean-up of the facility. Rubbish can be left at Davenies School, so please ask one of the Sports Nut staff to show you where the Grundon Bins are located.

13. Where do we setup for lunch/tea at the end of the party?

If you are having a party at Davenies School, included in the facilities hire is the performing arts studio. This is a large hall which has plenty of tables and chairs. This is your room and you are allowed to arrange the table and chairs however you like.