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Sports Nut aim to provide unrivalled sports coaching services for both boys and girls of all abilities, aged 5 years and upwards.
We believe all children should have the opportunity to participate in sport at all levels in order not only to improve their skills, but also enjoy the undoubted health and fitness benefits sport can bring. We also believe in promoting the spirit of fair play and teaching children the value of winning and losing gracefully.
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Swimming Birthday Parties

Why not book one of our new, fun and exciting Swimming Birthday Parties with Sports Nut. All you need to do is choose a day and remember to bring the Birthday cake!!! You can choose from 100’s of swimming party games such as Shark Attack, Candle Crossing, Treasure Hunt, T-Shirt Races etc. or choose from a list of our favourites which we know your child and their friends will love. Please click on the link below to find out more and how you can book.


Thank-you so much for a wonderful party on Saturday. All of the boys had a fantastic time and everything was so well organised we grown ups were able to enjoy ourselves too! The extreme carnage dodgeball and the ozzie end ball were inspired! You obviously have a special talent for keeping the boys engaged and having fun.

Thank-you once again!

Best wishes,

Alison & Louise

Hi Mark and Dave,

Thank you very much for running Harry and Charlotte's party on the 5th. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and it's quite a thing to appeal to the very different demands of 10 year old boys and 14 year old girls - but you did a grand job. Harry was delighted and is very pleased with his football.

Wishing you a bumper year in 2007.

Best wishes,


Mark, Dave

Thank you for providing such a great birthday party for Toby and Rory, they both had a lovely time and we (parents) felt slightly guilty about having so little to worry about. We don't know how you keep going for 6 hours but are whole heartedly grateful that you do. Thanks again.

Kind regards,


Dear David and Mark,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for making Tom's birthday party go so well yesterday - all the kids said it was the best ever, and it was certainly hassle free for my husband and me. I thought the sports, especially the dodge ball, were great, and you two seemed to be enjoying yourselves so much that it rubbed off on the boys!

I've already had other Mums asking me all about you, and we want to try and organise an adult party with the same sort of games, so hopefully you will get some more bookings out of us. You deserve to - it was brilliant!

Thanks again,

Alison Baxter

Thank you to both of you for a fab party on Saturday.

Tom had a brilliant time and particularly enjoyed Capture the Flag and the swimming

Victoria and I thought the party was very well organised and run – and totally stress free for us.

Hi Chaps

Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for Alex and Wills party yesterday ! All the boys said they had a fantastic time and loads of them said it was the BEST EVER party !! Certainly a party to remember and definitely difficult to match !!

I am sure you will get some bookings from mums of the boys who went to the party. I will certainly recommend you and it would be great to do a cricket party in the spring if you are up for it!!

Many thanks once again


Dear Dave and co!

Thank you so so much for a fabulous party. The boys had a ball, and so did the parents. That was the easiest party we have ever had!!

Thank you again, and we will definitely be in touch!


Mackenzie loved his party so a big thank you to the 3 of you.

Rgds - Samantha.

Dear Mark and Dave

We just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic birthday party you put together for our boys on Saturday.

They all had a great time, and loved every minute of the full on games sessions – thank goodness know one expects us to run around like that for nearly 4 hours !! The time and effort you had placed into the organization certainly showed as there was not a spare moment to be seen, and we even managed to find time for a very lovely little picnic and glass of wine outside in the sun shine – can’t be bad in the middle of a party for 40 8 year olds !!

Until the next birthday party

Thank you from all of us and especially the boys as well

Emer and Danny, Maureen and Jonny, Colette and William and Elaine and Harry

Dear Dave,

A very belated email to thank you so much for Hugo's party. Despite the change of venue you coped admirably and we were truly impressed! You have a super way with large groups of children!

Thanks again


Just wanted to say thanks for such a great party yesterday. One of the best we can remember including ones we have had for our oldest son (now 15) so we speak from experience!



Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time all the girls had on Sunday! It is certainly a novel idea (the dance offs were inspired!) and we thing you are on to a real winner!

Julie Walsh


Many thanks for a wonderful dance party at the weekend….we felt a little guilty at having so little do! We’ve had some great feedback from other parents already and many have asked for your details so I’m sure there’s some more business coming your way! Thanks again….until next time!

Ali & Suzannah


What can I say?! How you manage to keep going for the whole time I’ll never know! The children were all thoroughly entertained and I’d never thought I’d see the day that my son was happy to be dancing around with pom poms!

I’m eternally grateful for the best 10th birthday party my daughter could ever ask for!

Best wishes for 2009!

Frances Riordan

Holiday Courses

Dave – just a quick email to let you know that Jamie was absolutely shattered after the two day holiday course, but he thoroughly enjoyed himself and can’t wait for the next one! Can you send me details of the next course in our area please?

Martin Campbell

You’ll be pleased to hear that Molly’s Sports Nut medal has displaced our family photo as the centre piece display on our coffee table! I hope she doesn’t get one after attending every course?! In all seriousness though, both my husband and I are delighted you run these courses – one of us would have to take days off work otherwise.

Many thanks again

Jane Alexander

Hi Guys

As a mum who has experienced a couple of very average holiday camps, I was reluctant to send Caleb on your course. You’ve managed to restore my confidence in such activities though! Caleb has had a wonderful time….what are these hall of fame awards he keeps talking about? How can I get him one?!

Trudi Balanta